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Playgroup Routine


Infancy to Independence is a weekly parent-run playgroup cooperative for families with children aged 0-5 in Waltham and the surrounding communities.

I to I gives parents an atmosphere away from the pressures of home to spend quality time with their children. We provide a rich and varied environment for parents and children to experience together. There is also time alone with other parents to discuss ways to make parenting easier and more enjoyable while raising emotionally healthy children.

How each Play group gathering works:

Families meet once a week, from 9:15am–11:15am either Wednesday or Thursday. Each day is limited to 18–20 children. Due to the COVID pandemic, we have moved to two outdoor playgroups and one indoor one. The outdoor playgroup follows a modified version of the playgroup routine.

Each day 6 adults are assigned a co-op role for the day.  All adults without a role assist with playgroup tasks and managing child interaction as needed.  All parents are encouraged to correct any child's behavior as needed. Guidelines for gentle child conflict resolutions are outlined in the I to I handbook.

Please see our CO-OP page for more information about each of our cooperative roles.

I to I follows a schedule that mixes structure with flexibility, providing educational opportunities while encouraging creativity:

9:00am- Set-up​​​​​​​
9:15am- Welcome/One-on-One Time​​
10:00am- Circle Time​
​10:15am- Snack
​10:30am- Free Play/Discussion​
11:10am- Cleanup & Goodbye
​11:15am- Final Cleanup

A Typical Day at I to I Looks Like This:

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