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Open House

​We encourage all new and prospective co-op members to visit our program prior to beginning a semester. We have several open houses throughout to the year for prospective families to see what we have to offer. Please contact the Registrar to find out when the next open house is scheduled.

1 Day Free-Trial

In addition to open houses,  if there are open spaces available in the program, 1 Day free-trials are available Wednesday and Thursday beginning at 9:15 am, while I to I is in session. We encourage you to join us to get the full experience of an I to I day. Plan to be here until 11:15 am if you can. If there are no open spaces on the roster free-trials are not available. Free trials can be arranged by contacting the Registrar.

Request Registration
If you prefer to register without first visiting an open house or a free trial you can click here to fill out a registration form.
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