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Parent Social Events

​​In addition to fun activities for the kids, parents can participate in events just for them. We take turns hosting a monthly book club, hold scrapbooking/craft nights and evenings out and around town. All activities are optional and attendance changes based on parent availability, but it's a great way to extend discussions and make friends with the other adults in I to I. It's also the perfect chance to meet parents on different days, whom you wouldn't normally see during the week.

Family Gatherings 

Twice a year all the families in I to I gather together for a pot-luck. Once in November for "Friendsgiving" and once in June for the "End of the year party".  Everyone enjoys good food and good conversation. It is a chance to meet other members from the other playgroup days and really ties the community together.

Summer Play-dates

We do not meet during the summer; however, parents often set up informal play dates throughout the summer so that children can maintain their friendships and parents can get together, talk, and enjoy the beautiful weather.​
We also schedule several meet-ups during the summer that we share on our calendar so other local families in the can meet up with us at local playgrounds and splash pads to broaden our community.

Clothing Swap

Once a year I to I hosts a clothing swap. Everyone brings in clothes and toys that have been out-grown and crowding our closets. Anything not swapped is donated. This event is also open to the public.

Parent Workshops

Each semester I to I hosts an educational workshop for it's members and opens it up to the greater community if there is availability. Examples of previous workshops include:  

Community Outreach

Each semester the community outreach coordinator seeks out activities for us to volunteer at so that our community can give back to the greater community we live in.  Examples of previous outreach activities include:

  • Food Pantry Donations:  collecting canned food and pantry items for donation to The Bristol Lodge Pantry in Waltham. 

  • The REACH Beyond Domestic Violence holiday gift program

  • Kathryn's Cuties for a Cure team Boston Brain Tumor walk with Kathryn's Cuties for a Cure

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