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Frequently Asked Questions

The cooperative part of our playgroup still seem a bit confusing? Here are some FAQs that might help clear things up.


Is I to I a daycare?​

No, we are not a drop off daycare. I to I is a cooperative program for parents and their children. Parents stay with and are responsible for their own children except during "discussion time."  As part of our co-op program, parents are assigned jobs each week. One of these jobs is to be a daily assistant and help watch the children in the main room during free play. The rest of the parents have a discussion group in the next room. Our program allows families to have special time in their busy day to have one on one play, while also giving parents a chance to separate from their child in a gentle way and have much needed adult conversation. 


We are also not a drop in playgroup. While prospective families may set up a 1-day free trial anytime with the Registrar, all families must register and pay a membership fee before they can join our weekly sessions. 


Can my child attend with a grandparent or nanny ?

One of I to I’s primary goals is to bring parents and children together. Due to this structure, our program is open to parents or legal guardians and their child(ren). Unfortunately this means that others, even if they are the primary weekday care giver, are not eligible to bring children to our group on a weekly basis. Under special circumstances (parent appointment/illness, etc.) alternate caretakers, such as grandparents, babysitters, etc. are allowed to bring your child; please notify your Day Coordinator in advance.  It is important for your child (and for the other children attending I to I) that the same person attends I to I on a regular basis. (For more information please see section VII. Policies and Procedures in the handbook )


What are my responsibilities in the co-op?

A schedule will be created at the beginning of the semester letting you know which job you will cover each week. 

​•  daily assistants (A/B opening or C/D closing)

​•  leading circle time
•  providing snack
​•  helping on the advertising or art project committees

There is a General Membership Meeting and a Work Party to attend each semester, plus joining the Craft Committee, Advertising Committee, or taking on a leadership role.


Please see our CO-OP page for further details.


What if I do not have time to fulfill work hours or attend meetings?

Most jobs required take place during the actual program hours. You can choose which day fits your schedule best: Wednesday or Thursday (based on availability). There are only a few meetings that occur outside of playgroup time.


We are very accommodating with members' schedules and realize that time is limited when you are a parent. We are willing to work with members as needed so that all the needs of the program are met, but so are the needs of the families.


What if my child doesn't want me to go to discussion?

Members recognize separation anxiety as a healthy sign of a strong bond between parent and child; but just as a deep parent-child attachment is good, so is a child's growth towards independence.  If your child cries, an assistant will hold, comfort and try to entertain him/her.  Should your child cry uncontrollably and refuse to be comforted, you will be called out of the discussion to console him/her. When your child is calm you may return to the discussion group. This may happen as many times as is needed.


If a child is not ready/able to cope with separation, often times parents will choose to remain with them instead of joining discussion. They would then take over an Assistant role and help supervisor all the children, allowing one of the assigned parents to join discussion.

Non mobile and/or nursing infants are always welcome in discussion.


What does my membership fee go toward?

Membership fees pay for facility rental, cleaning supplies, toys, art projects and non-perishable snacks, as well as scholarships for qualified program members.


What is the refund policy?

We invite any one who is interested in joining I to I to attend our playgroup first, to see if you and your child enjoy it. Once you have registered, if you decide to leave I to I prior to the second week of the semester, you will receive a full refund. Choosing to leave after the second week and prior to the third week will result in a 50% refund. After the third week no refund will be granted.  In the event of unusual circumstances refunds may be granted at the discretion of the Program Coordinators.

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