WE'RE BACK starting 9/30/2020!

For our fall semester, we are going to do I to I: Outdoor Edition. We will still have themes and circle time, but we will be meeting up at a local playground instead. Crafts will be take home kits, and snacks are brought from home.

We will follow the Covid-19 guidelines of kids over 2 and adults - wearing face covering mouths and noses, and physical distancing; there will also be cleaning protocols and a Covid-19 symptoms questionnaire.

We will be meeting Wednesdays 9:15 - 11:15AM, Thursdays 9:15 to 11:15AM, and Thursdays 3:15 to 5:15PM. If you are interested or would like more info, contact registrar@walthamplaygroup.org.

Hurry! Each group will be capped at 12 kids

Come Join The Fun!

The #1 reason our members say they love Infancy to Independence: 

"It's More than just a playgroup. It's a community"

We provide parents and children with a place to gather and play, building a community of friends. We are all learning how to be parents as our children grow, and I to I is a place to exchange information, share struggles, and explore alternatives in parenting. We simply strive to become more effective parents who rear emotionally healthy children with high self-esteem. There is no one method of child rearing that is right for everyone, so we are here to learn from and support each other.

I to I’s environment is rich in interesting activities and challenges for our children. It is a place where our children spend time with children of different ages. It is a place where they can relate to other friendly, caring adults as helpful teachers, and experience brief separation from parents in a safe environment.

Our program provides many benefits for both parents and children.

Parents have the opportunity to:

  • Learn more about child development and parenting techniques

  • Learn tips and ideas to handle situations more effectively with their children

  • Meet new friends and gain support with a network of other parents with whom to share similar joys and concerns

  • Spend quality time with their children

  • Enjoy discussion time with other parents and practice gentle separation from their children

  • Learn ways to develop more confidence in their parenting abilities, helping them enjoy the challenge more

Children have the opportunity to:

  • Play with and learn from other children in both group and individual activities

  • Acquire skills through use of various creative and educational materials

  • Prepare for school by learning social skills necessary for dealing with other children in organized and free activities

  • Develop a positive image of grown-ups after relating to adults who are consistently warm, friendly, and understanding

Parents own and run the program completely; there are no paid staff. I to I is non-sectarian, Deaf/HoH accessible, and open to all families.


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