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We're Back! Open House: 9/13, 9/14, and 9/15

After being an outdoor/indoor playgroup due to the COVID pandemic, we are so happy to be back to in-person indoors. We are back to our routines, but we must be cautious and respectful of others. We will follow the CDC guidelines. COVID vaccinations are required for all participants. Masks are recommended, but we respect everyone's choice in this matter.

This week's theme is FALL! This week is also Open House. Returning members, please greet our potential new friends and tell them about how wonderful I to I is.

Tips for Circle Time:

  • Find the book you want to use ahead of time that goes to the theme of Fall

  • Practice reading the book aloud

  • Use this list of suggested activities to help you plan for your 15 to 20 minutes of circle time.

    • Some of the suggestions may be for outdoor activities

    • Use your imagination to transform them into indoor ones

We cannot wait to see you at the First Lutheran Church again. Enter through the back door off the parking lot. Take a right and go down to the basement. See you soon!

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